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"Makaila shares real world advice and personal experiences with: bullying, body image, and more to ensure that people know they are not alone, there is hope, and learn to be "Blatantly Honest."

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video Testimonial

Gary Dahse, author and keynote speaker, testimonial on Makaila's recent speech in Dallas.

video Testimonial

Katerina Cozias, keynote speaker, on Makaila's speech at the Majestic Theater.

Written Testimonials

"Makaila Nichols, wow, what a gracious, intuitive individual with wisdom well beyond her age. A phenomenal role model for young people across cultural lines. A great speaker, author, model, actress and human being!!" 

~ Gary Dahse, Keynote Speaker, Author of "Tell Me What to Do"

"By sharing her story, Makaila is helping other teens know they aren't out there alone in trying to maneuver through tough situations like bullying. She knows what she stands for and is using her voice to encourage others to do the same. Because real change takes courage!" 

~ Shawn Edginton, Founder of the Great American No-Bull Challenge

"Special Olympics Florida was fortunate to have Makaila come out to our Youth Summit to share her story with our athletes, unified partner, and coaches. Makaila was able to connect with the students as her experience growing up isn't much different compared to what some our students face on a day to day basis. Special Olympics Florida looks forward to working with Makaila again in the future and we hope her message is able to steward awareness, acceptance, and inclusion for all."

~ Herley Pellow, Special Olympics Florida

"In January of each year, Florida Virtual School hosts a love of reading through Celebrate Literacy Week. This past January, we asked Makaila Nichols to host our opening session and speak to our families about her book and experiences with bullying. She blew us away with her fluent speaking skills and ability to modify her discussion to meet the audience needs. Our students felt comfortable reaching out to Makaila after the session to share personal stories and even writing samples. We were lucky to gain her insight on a tough topic affecting many kids today and hope to continue utilizing her in future events."

~ Kristen Rossheim, Florida Virtual School (FLVS)

"Wow! No better person to give teens advice than a teen herself. Makaila is so candid and open about her experiences that everyone her age can relate to her story. But age aside, Makaila's writing on difficult situations flows quickly and is inspiring. I know that we will be hearing more from her!" 

~ Jake M., Author

"You were an incredible guest Makaila and such a gift to the youth of today struggling through one of the most difficult times in life. You are a powerful voice for them. I can't wait until you have your own podcast!"

~ Plot Twist Media



 What makes one person superior to another? Nothing. We're all equal, yet we choose to tear each other apart. I've been bullied. I'm not asking for your sympathy, I'm just letting those of you who've also been picked on know that I understand. I know how it feels. "I am glad Makaila doesn't come to school anymore. Life is better with her gone." "Makaila Nichols is the biggest slut. I bet anyone could get it from her." "I hope you die alone." "Who do you think you are?" These are some of the insults I've recorded from social media. Some of them were said by close friends, and others by people I've never spoken to. Yet, all of these words formed a false projection of who I am as a person. This speech is for students from middle school through college to talk about navigating life as teen, stresses, bullies, assault and body imagine. How do you seek help and from who?


Format: 45-60 minute keynote, 1 day workshop, retreat

This program is perfect for:

• Students

• Youth

• School Systems

• Educators

The audience will leave with:

• Identify what is going on with you and how to ask for help

• Learn to ask for help

• Bystander Intervention

• Build a support system for themselves and others

• Understand their attacker and become Blatantly Honest


Whether you are a teacher, parent, pastor, grandparent or anyone who has teens in your life this speech is for you. Help the teens in your life be confident in their surroundings, know who they can trust and building a relationship of communication.

Learn creative techniques and solid strategies to supporting the teens in your life:

• What bullying looks like today

• Social Media and your kids

• How bullying changes from generation to generation

• How to relate to young people

• Bullying/ Sexual assault prevention, and bystander intervention 

Successfully convey your ideas to children, develop support relationships, and impressions that will change their lives and the culture of bullying.

Format: 45-60 minute keynote, 2-day workshop

This program is perfect for:

• Teachers

• Parents

• Educators

The audience will leave with:

• Ways to better to interact with young people

• Knowledge of bullying culture in the Youth

• Prevention and Bystander Intervention


Whether you are an employee, manager or executive what you do on social media effects your career. Recently under the wake of all the sexual harassment suits, it has become imperative to pay attention to what you are doing and saying in the public eye. Every action you take and things you say will effect someone.

• What you post makes a difference

• Who you are at home, comes to work with you

• You private life is not private anymore

• Handling negative publicity

Format: 30-60 minute keynote

This program is perfect for:

• Corporate America

• Managers

• Management teams

• Educators


As a child, Makaila grew up wanting to be a fashion model. Lucky for her, she was scouted when she was fourteen. However, Makaila did not know the conditions in which she would have to conform to in order to be a successful fashion model. After developing several eating disorders, learning to hide them from her parents and then ultimately being hospitalized due to all her yo-yo diets, Makaila wants to share her struggle with body image with the world. To this day, Makaila is learning to accept her body and attempt to change the way the fashion industry views both men and women by not allowing her body to conform to unrealistic standards. Makaila wants to teach her audience to love the skin they’re in. This conversation is for those who are looking to further their knowledge of eating disorders, hear personal stories about them, and finally learning to overcome them to embrace their body

the way it is.

Format: 45-60-minute keynote, 1-day workshop, retreat

This program is perfect for:

• Middle School

• High School

• College

• Parents

• People who have an interest in the fashion industry

The audience will leave with:

• Knowledge on various eating disorders

• How to get help to overcome eating disorders

• Supporting Materials from speech

• Understanding that the ideal body image the world puts forth is a lie

• Self-love tips and activities to do at home

• New ways to be confident in your body


 Every 90 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted ( and I am one of them. I was fourteen years old when I was sexually assaulted by my best friend. I am not alone. I know that men, women, and children are assaulted every day and are not getting the justice that they deserve. I unfortunately cannot bring these perpetrators to justice, but what I

can do is make sure that people know they are not alone by sharing my story, talking about the trauma suffered by victims and more importantly growing from a state of being a victim to being a survivor.

Format: 45-60-minute keynote, 1-day workshop, retreat

This program is perfect for:

• High School Students

• College

• Parents

• Educators

The audience will leave with:

• Knowing they are not alone

• Victim Resources

• Methods of coping and moving on

• Everyone has a story to tell

• There is hope


 In our current day and age, social trends are pretty much everything. From drinking in high school, to smoking pot on the daily, and oh, let’s not forget vaping. But why did this happen? Why is our youth turning to drugs, drinking and partying for a way of everyday life? Take it from me, I experienced it; except, I was the outcast, the loser who didn’t do any of it. Yet, as time went on, I became peer pressured to join in. I want to talk to YOU about what your kids are doing, how deadly it can be, to open your eyes to the under-ground world that is modern day America. As for the youth, well, let me talk to them too. I get it, I know how hard it is to deal with peer pressure and wanting to fit in, but this is not the way.

*** This conversation is altered depending on audience. ***

Format: 45-60-minute keynote, 1-day workshop, retreat

This program is perfect for:

• Middle/High School Students

• College

• Parents

• Educators

The audience will leave with:

• Knowledge about social drinking and drug use

• Trends that the youth are succumbing to

• Rehab information, intervention topics

• How to overcome peer pressure in youth

• Accepting who you are, sober