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Blatantly honest with makaila nichols episode 6

 Today, I got to sit down with a long-time friend whom I met when I first moved to California. She is an incredible actress who has been on series such as: "Some Assembly Required," "Reboot: The Guardian Code" and more. Aside from being featured on the big screen, she now produces and directs her own films including a documentary on domestic abuse that will be released in the up-coming months. Sydney and I chat about the pressures of living in Hollywood, peer pressure, domestic abuse, body image and more importantly, friendship. 


  On this episode of “Blatantly Honest with Makaila Nichols.” I am chatting with an incredible alternative-pop artist who I have known since we were young, Casey Conroy. She has juggled many obstacles such as: body-image as a female artist, finding the right people to surround herself with and feelings of self-consciousness. She has been able overcome this and is now blooming even more as an up and coming artist.

Blatantly honest with makaila nichols // episode 4

On today's episode, I am interviewing, Call Me Karizma! He is an incredible artist in the world of hip hop and punk rock. He inspires the youth to overcome their obstacles through music and hopes to change the stigma behind mental health issues.


On today's episode I sat down with Chris Lowe. She is a speaker, writer, influencer for O! (Oprah's magazine), & activist on topics such as suicide & mental health after losing her own son, Hudson Lowe, at age 20. He left behind a speech called "Fall Forward" which motivates people to never give up.

Blatantly Honest with Makaila NicholS // Episode 1

Welcome to Episode One of Blatantly Honest with Makaila Nichols!On today's episode I will be interviewing myself because why not?!